The Effect of the Teachers' Training Model "Academy- Class" on the Teacher Students' Professional Development from Students' Perspectives

Nabil Assadi, Tareq Murad


this study attempts to examine the effect of a new model in teacher education or training, Academy-Class, on teacher students' professional development according to their point of view. The research examines the influence of the new training model on the pre-service teachers' relations with their, training teachers, pedagogical instructors and the students of the school. The participants of the study were 32 third year students who study at Sakhnin College and do their training at nearby schools `for three days. The instrument of the study was a questionnaire and an interview. The validity and reliability of the study instrument was obtained. The findings of the study were: 1. The student teachers' level of knowledge, skills and qualifications of teaching and learning is higher after the program than before. 2. The teacher students experienced the training more effectively and efficiently after the program. 3. The student teachers are more convinced that they made more professional and correct choice of career after the program than before 4. The student teachers' attitude towards the pedagogical instructor, the training teacher, the school students and the contribution of the training by the program towards strengthening the relationship with the school and its students was higher after the program than before.


academy-class; teacher's education; training teacher; pedagogical instructor; PDS

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